samedi 8 février 2014

French Cyber Defence Pact : 50 measures for a change of scale

6 axis for the new plan of Ministry of Defense for cyberdefence :

  1. Reinforce the security level of the information systems as well as the defence and intervention assets of the Ministry and its major trusted partners.
  2. Prepare the future through an intensification of the research efforts in the technical, academic and operational domains, while supporting our industrial basis.
  3. Reinforce the manpower dedicated to cyberdefence and developing the associated career paths.
  4. Develop the cyber defence centre in Brittany for the Ministry of Defence and the national cyber defence community.
  5. Keep up a network of foreign partners, in Europe, within the Atlantic Alliance or in areas of strategic interest.
  6. Promote the emergence of a national cyber defence community, relying on group of partners and on the reserve’s networks.

Read the pact (french)

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